A Poem for Ads

A Poem for Ads


It’s cold, I hear rain, the wind whistles round

I lay in my bed, sleepily, not making a sound,

It’s got to be good, to get me out of my bed,

It has to be something that can’t just be said.


What gives me such purpose like this each day?

What is it I value and which colours my grey?

A heart, full for giving, to help ease your load,

To be there when you need me, that was my ode.


At times our national treasure is a real challenge to bear,

At times it feels like the change we need, will never get there,

Some days I’ve woken and struggled to see how,

Not sure if I was making a difference to anyone now,


Then I met a boy, who turned into a young man,

He was bright and so eager, with the attitude, I can.

Blessed with loving parents who told him he could,

He inspired many people, to change for the good.


Now Adam, you caught my heart and showed me the way,

To become a great leader, like you one day,

To be true to myself and lead with my heart,

Remembering the ‘you’ is the best way to start.



When I question and challenge and stand my ground,

Lead with values and the constitution, to which I’m bound,

When it’s tough and emotional and the futures hard to see,

I’ll remind myself of your impact on me and just say Hee Hee!