Perfect Moments of Care

Perfect Moments of Care.


About kirstie stott

I'm a mum, daughter, partner, nurse, manager, leader, potential patient. Passionate about the NHS. Authentic, inclusive and value based leadership. Equality and diversity throughout.
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One Response to Perfect Moments of Care

  1. Becky says:

    I love this! Very profound.Experiences I have had with the care of several family members are distilled into several ‘stills’ that last with me. On the whole the care was good but the neglect of my Gran was unforgivable. This was due to poor leadership and management on the ward which led to disengaged staff not properly tending to their elderly patients, including my Gran. She was a very loving person who wasn’t given the compassion, care and close attention that she so richly deserved. I am currently working to help improve leadership development and staff engagement within the Trust where I am currently placed.

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